Science Fieldtrip

Now, Studying Science not only in class or laboratory! Science from Scientists program enable Scientists and Kids together to bring their specific knowledge  to open a real-world scientific discovery space through their journeys. 

  • Tour 1: World of Mushroom

This fieldtrip will introduce children to the wonderful world of mushrooms. Children will be taught the ways to classify mushroom in reality as well as their nutrition and living environment. Specially, children have chances to observe and investigate the real mushrooms at the mushroom farm. Most importantly, they will be able to distinguish between edible and unedible mushrooms.


  • Tour 2: Textiles Institute

 This is one of the Saigon scientists’s science fieldtrip programme in series. Scientists will bring exactly new and intersting lesson as for  textiles. It is called “discovery instentute textiles”. In this fascinating tour, the students are going to be learned Ao Dai traditional of Vietnam 54 ethnic groups. Furthermore, students can design a beautiful picture on a paper in order to print on Ao Dai.



  •    Tour 3:  Fruits Festival

The tropical fruits of Vietnam are extremely famous in terms of diversity and deliciousness in worldwide but if you know how to distinguish between edible tree and unedible tree. When you attempt this tour, you will visit fruit farm and Cai Be loading market to learn why are some edible trees and some unedible. In addition, you will visit traditional occupation village such as: making wine, coconut candies, rice paper and rice cakes.


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