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Hua�?nh A?a�� Ba??o TA?m – R&D Assistant

I have graduated as bachelor of engineering from International University a�� Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (IU-VNU HCMC). My long-range professional goessaywriter do my essayals are to become both a
lecturer and a researcher who can work in universities, research institutes with mandate in food and nutrition research.A�Also, my hobbies are playing sports (swimming, badminton, judo), playing music instruments (keyboard, guitar and ukulele) and tutoring. Last but not least, my quote is a�?Just smile and nothing you cana��t come overa�?.


picture3Nguya��n Tha�� Kim Ya??n -A�R&D Coordinator
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After graduating with a BA degree in Chemistry from Mount Holyoke College, MA, USA, Yen continued her graduate study at Columbia University, NY, USA with a MA degree. With a burning passion for science and education, Yen joined Saigon Scientists as an R&D Coordinator.




LA? Nguya��n Minh Tia??n – Business Development Officer

I was a friendly student of International University in Biotechnology. I would like to expand our education to as many as students in Vietnam





Nguya��n Tha�� VA?n Anh – Sale Marketing

I am a senior from Ho Chi Minh University of Science, majoring in Biology. I love to bring the knowledge of science for children and SaigonScientists, when is made my dream become true. I hope Saigon Scientist and me will bring a lot of knowledge and amusement for children. I love my job.




Nguya��n Tha�� Thanh NhA�n – Operation Leader

Nhan earned her M.S in Biotechnology at University of Science Ho Chi Minh City in 2016. Her research focused on wound healing activity of herbs. Nhan is working as an Operation Leader for Saigon Scientist. In her spare time, Nhan enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.



h-linhL?�??ng Tra?�n HoA�ng Linh – Operation Assistance

I am studying toward Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, International University. My research focuses on the animal reproduction, specially application of in vitro fertilization. I love children. So, I’m looking for a job that related to children, such as teaching. I love science as well. Therefore, I’m so excited when getting a job that combines two of them. I want to give the magic fromA�science and how the miracles of the life for children. I always try my best, and force to improve myself completely for my goal achievement.


VA� Tha�� Ca?�m VA?n – Lead Instructorcam-van

Van studied Pharmacy at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCMC. After the Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Switzerland, she started her teaching at Skyline College, San Bruno, California for two years. In 2016, she is back to Vietnam and working as a lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCMC. She is also a mom of two. Van loves kids and teaching. Joining the SgS team, she hopes to relay the love of science to the next generation. Her hobbies are making new toys for her kids, baking and biking.


chithaoHA� Ph?�??ng Tha??o A�- Lead Instructor

I received Bachelor of science in chemistry from University of Sciences. I’m currently pursuing Master’s degree to gain deeper understanding. My current research focuses on developing new method for preparation of catalytic materials. It has application for solving environmental problems. Teaching children is my dream from high school. Working at Saigon Scientists is an opportunity for me to show my abilities and improve myself.A�My hobbies are reading, traveling and enjoying coffee.




Pha??m A?A�nh Vy – Assistance Instructor

Ia��m studying Technical Physics a�� Biomedical Engineering at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Outdoor activities and helping people are my hobbies because Ia��m a happy and sociable boy. What I learned has given me an inspiration in teaching everyone how to apply what they studied in real life. I always try my best to improve myself to achieve the best results in working and studying. Every day with me is a new journey of life that I have to conquer.

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Pha??m Minh Chia??n – Assistance Instructor

I am a undergraduated student of International University, bachelora��s degree in Biotechnology. I am working at Cell reprogramming laboratory and participant in governmenta��s a�?bovine cloninga�? project. I always force to improve my weakness for goals achievement. I wanna transmit my science knowledge as well as the passion to children.




Phan Tha�� Mai UyA?n – Assistance Instructor

I consider myself hard-working, reliable, dependable and very cooperative. I am a undergraduated student at International University, and my major is Biotechnology. I like to work with chemical and new experiments, I find out that my passion in this field is so big. Moreover, I also want myself to have the opportunity to learn and develop new things from this position. In the other hand, during the learning, I believe that I can work well with this job. Specially, I had experience in social, youth union working so I already knew how to work with children and I love to see their smile. And I hope that by my energy and my love, I can teach them new things in society as well as in science.


ngaPhan VA� Thu Nga- Assistance Instructor

Nga is a student of Biotechnology School in International University. She is passionate about exploring the natural science especially Plant science. She loves to play with children and inspire this passion for them. Her goal is to work as a plant science instructor in an active environment. Then, she finds SaiGon Scientists is all she needs and want to improve herself. Her motivational quote: “Everything comes from curiosity”.

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